Ecole McTavish is a grade 7-12 school that will develop well-rounded, socially conscious, 21st century learners, who are focused on their achievement and personal success.

Scholarship Info

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My Life after Ecole McTavish

If you have not already done so it is time to check out and APPLY to the colleges and universities of your choice. They will accept your applications without final marks so the sooner you apply the better. Do not be afraid to apply for more than one university and more than one scholarship.  We have lots of handouts from Scholarship sponsors and Universities across Canada. They are available in Student Services and all new view books will arrive by the end of September

Speaking of scholarships - if you have not started checking scholarships you need to start soon. With 60,000 plus scholarships it is well worth your while to invest some time in the application process. There is no one site that has it all so you need to do some research.


Post-Secondary FAQ

They’re asking for my marks, what should I provide?

Most post-secondary institution will ask you to submit mid-term or final marks for required courses. Early in the process you can provide them with your most recent report card marks for mid-term marks, provide them with information on courses you are taking in semester II and provide them with any marks for completed required courses (available from student services). Unofficial transcripts or DAR’s (Detailed academic reports) can be downloaded from myPass or requested from student services. Most post-secondary institutions do not require official transcripts until later on, but if needed you can order official transcripts through myPass. In the meantime, keep the post-secondary up-to-date on your information: send updated DAR’s at the end of semester 1, provide a letter with any updated plans, address changes, new e-mails, and don’t be afraid to call them with questions. They will not think any less of you; there are several folks at colleges and universities whose job it is to answer your questions and to provide you, their future student, with supports.


I have no idea what I want to do next year, what should I do?

This is a tough question that requires careful consideration. Best advice; talk to your parents, friends, teachers, and, of course, your friendly neighborhood guidance counselors. Best place to start, ask yourself: "What do I really love doing" and go from there . . . A great on-line resource to help you with this is and click on career insite.

Also try  username: ymcayc  password: careers


 At University…..Am I a graduate or undergraduate?

You are an undergraduate - undergrad programs or bachelor degrees are the ones you are interested in. Grad programs are for students who have one or more university degrees already. Most post-secondary Institutions have on-line applications.  If applying to a university or college in Alberta, you must go through the Apply Alberta website. 


Scholarship Information

What is a Scholarship?

A non-repayable sum of money awarded to a student to help finance further education. Most scholarships are based on merit in areas ranging from academic to athletic achievement. Many scholarships also focus on community service, volunteerism, leadership and/or citizenship. Usually scholarships are not based on financial need. The following website provides you with a detailed list of Alberta Scholarships. 

You can also look up national scholarships at  and 


What is a Bursary?

A bursary is a non-repayable grant of money. Bursaries are awarded primarily based on financial need, but academic achievement is also being considered. Usually, the applicant must provide detailed documentation describing their financial situation when applying for the bursary.


Specific Scholarships

*Note: Most scholarships awarded based on membership in clubs or parental criteria are not included in this list, as well as essay contests.




List of Scholarships: Listed in the order of their deadlines!





















District Scholarships


The following scholarships are available through the Fort McMurray Public School District.  Applications are due June 1.  Students can get applications from Student Services in late April.


Jack and Louise Corless Memorial Scholarship

Decision made at high school level and award will be presented at the awards ceremony.  

The application must be sent to the office of the Associate Superintendent, Education & Administration, 4 weeks prior to the awards ceremony so that a cheque may be prepared.

Value:                 $500.00

Number:        One for each high school in Fort McMurray.

Purpose:        To recognize the achievements of students who have demonstrated leadership and citizenship.  In selecting the recipient of this award, particular attention may be given to a student who has overcome personal difficulties, or who is in financial need.

Tenable:        At any accredited post-secondary school.

Eligibility:        Applicant must be graduating in the year in which the applicant is applying.

Deadline:        June 1, 2018



  • Jack and Louise came to Fort McMurray in 1975.  Jack was the Principal who opened Beacon Hill.  He then opened the new Greely Road School.  Spent a few months as Principal of Composite prior to his death in 1984.
  • Jack served two (2) terms on City Council as Alderman; he also was on the Hospital Board.
  • Louise taught school at Thickwood.  While she did teach Grade One and Grade Four, most of her time there was as a Teacher Librarian.  When Louise retired she worked tirelessly for her church.  Louise died in August 1994.
  • Jack and Louise were two very committed educators who helped to build the Public School system in the early days of McMurray.
  • The Corless family includes three (3) children – two of whom were educated at Composite and the youngest graduated from Westwood.
  • This scholarship focuses on – Leadership and Citizenship


Chris Ryan/Terry Conroy Humanitarian Award

Decision made at high school level and award will be presented at the awards ceremony.  Associate Superintendent of Education & Administration’s office is to be advised prior to awards ceremony so that a cheque may be prepared in time. Applications available in student services


Northwinds Marching Band Scholarships – No Deadline

Award:                $300.00 for each category

Nomination:        Students must be in high school, but do not have to be in grade 12.  Each student is nominated by his or her music teacher.

Purpose:        To recognize three students from each of the three Fort McMurray High Schools in the following instruments:  Woodwinds, Percussion and Brass

The criteria for this award includes:

  • Short Essay discussing their interest in music, high school band experience and how long they have played, etc.


Name:                  _______________________________________

Address:                _______________________________________

Phone Number:        _______________________________________

Accredited Post-Secondary Program:        _______________________________________

Application Deadline:         June 1, 2018.


Please submit completed applications to the Student Services Department who will forward this documentation to the Chief Deputy Superintendent, Education & Administration.


Clearwater Horse Club Equine Scholarship

Sponsor:        Clearwater Horse Club

Award:                      $500.00

Nomination:        Students must be in grade 12 and eligible to receive a High School Diploma.

Purpose:        To encourage students to further their post-secondary education in Equine fields of study.

Eligibility / Criteria:

  • First, open to students who are continuing their post-secondary education in equine fields
  • Second, if no applicants for Equine post-secondary, then other common fields of study which include Animal Science, Veterinary, Agriculture
  • Finally, if not applicant for the above noted field of study, open to any student attending an Alberta post-secondary program.
  • Recipient to provide proof of acceptance to a post-secondary institute.
  • Clearwater Horse Club requires a letter from the recipient following the completion of the first term for the purpose of updating their members.
  • A short essay is required, discussing the applicants’ interest in the equine field, experience, and future goals.

Selection Criteria:

  1. Alberta Program first = 1 point.
  2. Involvement with Equine programs, such as 4-H Club, Riding Clubs and personal riding experience = 2 points.
  3. 70% or higher grade point average = 1 point.

Total of 4 points, if a tie occurs, names will be drawn to select the winner.

Selection Committee:

  • Two Clearwater Horse Club Members
  • One Public School Board employee
  • One Catholic School Board employee

Application Deadline:        April 30, please submit completed applications to Student Services.


Aboriginal Scholarships and Bursaries

Aboriginal Business Leadership Awards

Aboriginal Heath Careers Bursary

Alberta Blue Cross Scholarship for Aboriginal Students

Alberta Pacific Forest Industries Inc.

Alberta Social Services Bursary

Apeetogosan (Métis) Development Inc.

ATCO Aboriginal Education Awards Program

Foundation for the Advancement of Aboriginal Youth (FAAY)

Husky Oil Educational Awards

Imperial Oil Resources Aboriginal Scholarships Awards Program

Gil Purcell Memorial Journalism Scholarship for Native Canadians

Newalta Aboriginal Environmental Scholarship

Nexen’s Aboriginal Scholarship Program

Rita Houle Memorial Award

Strategic Alliance Of Broadcasters for Aboriginal Reflections

(SABAR) Scholarship

Syncrude Special Education Awards

Local Scholarships: