Selecting Courses

Hello Marauders and Future Marauders!

On this page you will find a collection of links that will help you register for your courses for the next year. 

For our Junior High students, and their families, you can watch the junior high video and it will explain the option course choosing process for you and hopefully answer any of your questions on how that works. 

For High School students and their families, there are many short clips to go through to help explain the high school course path and how to get onto PowerSchools to give us your choices. Please watch all the videos to fully understand which courses to pick for yourself. Do not hesitate to contact the office with questions around any part of this course picking process. This process of using PowerSchools is live as of May 13th.

Something to remember, this is ONLY the course selection part of the registration process. The full school registration still has to be done via PowerSchool as well. This is where you will update your address, contacts, and other important information for us at the school and must be completed yearly. If you need your login information for PowerSchools (password or user name) please contact the office at 7807901100.

Hopefully these videos help you understand the process and add some insight into how to pick your courses. We normally do this face to face, but in the light of the current situation, we feel this will be the best way to get you the information.

Stay Safe and Healthy!

Ecole McTavish Admin Team

Junior High Links

Junior High Option Selection Information - Google Form will be emailed home May 13th. If we visited your grade 6 class and you filled out an options form, you will not need to use the google form being sent, we already have your choices here.  Any new students to our school can contact the office for a copy of the option selection form. Remember to also register here as well!


Junior High Option Links

Grade 7 Form (only needed for new students that did not fill out one during school visits):  - Click Here

Grade 8 in 2020/2021 - Click Here

Grade 9 in 2020/2021 - Click Here


High School Links

How do I graduate?

English and Social Studies Courses Explained

Math Courses Explained

Science Courses Explained

French Immersion Courses Explained

Grade 10 Course Selection - Current grade 9 students and families would watch this - LIVE NOW

Grade 11 Course Selection - Current grade 10 students and families would watch this - LIVE NOW

Grade 12 Course Selection - Current grade 11 students and families would watch this - LIVE NOW

Link to PowerSchools Login - LIVE NOW - It does not work on Cell Phones, please login on a chromebook/laptop/computer.

If you need your login information for PowerSchools (password or user name) please contact the office at 7807901100.

All new students should register online here and contact the office for more information.

Here are some helpful University, College, and Trades requirements