Ecole McTavish is a grade 7-12 school that will develop well-rounded, socially conscious, 21st century learners, who are focused on their achievement and personal success.

Important Dates

Important Dates

Stay up to the date with the most important dates for our school in the coming months. This will be updated as we go through the year. Please watch the calendar on the website as well as it is updated weekly.


Upcoming Dates:

Jan 14  SS Part A Diploma

Jan 15 - FLA Part A Diploma

Jan 15 - School Council/Parent Association meeting @ 7PM

Jan 16 - Leaders meeting

Jan 17 - PLF - No Students

Jan 21 - FLA Part B Diploma

Jan 22 - Exam week starts, no classes for high school students

Jan 31 - Institute day

Feb 3 - Semester 2 and term 3 start