Ecole McTavish is a grade 7-12 school that will develop well-rounded, socially conscious, 21st century learners, who are focused on their achievement and personal success.

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Catherine Fudge

Educational Assistants

About Me

I am an educational assistant at Ecole Mctavish and this is proudly my 8th year working with  some of the most caring and supportive staff that makes this place a home. I am a graduate of Westwood High School and enjoyed my time there as a student and knew that life long learning would be a part of my future. In case you were wondering, I acquired my fabulous surname from my husband (Fudge seems to be a buzzworthy name around the hallways!) I knew at a very young age I had a passion for working with children. Believe it or not, I love working with junior high and senior high school students, they are what keep me young and energized. You can often find me buzzing around these halls wearing a blanket or sweater because I am always freezing; pumpkin spiced lattes are always welcomed! I am excited for another great year here at McTavish and am looking forward to meeting all you new Marauders!