Ecole McTavish is a grade 7-12 school that will develop well-rounded, socially conscious, 21st century learners, who are focused on their achievement and personal success.

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Angela Murrin


About Me

Hi! My name is Angela Murrin.   I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from UPEI (major in English) and a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Alberta (collaborative) with Keyano College.  Though I received my teaching degree in 2019, I have worked with FMPSD since 2009.   

I grew up on the red shores of Prince Edward Island but I  have lived in Fort McMurray since 2008. I am passionate about English, Literature, Social Studies, History, and all things Arts and Humanities.  During my free time, I enjoy: traveling, reading, writing, painting, all random trivia, food and cooking.  I am married and the proud mom of two wonderful girls.  

I am passionate about my lessons and our learning community.   I try to find the best ways to support each individual students’ needs, educational goals and aspirations.  I create a warm, welcoming classroom environment, where my students know that they will have the ability to succeed, continuously learn and grow, and that they are valued.  I am excited to teach creative, fun, informative lessons, and to guide my students through a wonderful learning experience at McTavish.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at

Kindest regards, 

Angela Murrin