PEAK Flex Academy

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Our PEAK Flex programming is a unique offering that allows our elite athletes to continue to participate in their sports, but lesson the impact on their schooling. This program works with local sports clubs to ensure student athletes are able to maximize their training time with elite coaches, but reduces the core time missed at school. By working with each individual Flex family, we do our best to meet the needs of them and their child's chosen sport. We have extensive experience with students who are swimmers, gymnasts, and figure skaters, however the Flex program will work with any sport the student is active in at a high level outside of school. The program has grown since 2013 from 6 students to 25 in 2016. At Ecole McTavish we are proud to host this one of a kind sport learning opportunity. The standing belief of the program is that there is no reason that you cannot be an honour student and an Olympic hopeful, with the right support. 

We are proud to work with our partner schools to help develop how Flex programming can work at their levels. 

Any questions about the Peak Flex Academy can be forwarded to David Hurley, PEAK Director and Vice Principal at École McTavish High School, at