Gr. 7-9 Options and Course Info

JH Electives

Junior High Students will get up to 8 different electives over the course of a year in
regular programming. We are developing new electives all the time, with input
from both staff and students.

BAND: This course introduces the students to the world of instrumental music.
Students may begin the year on flute, clarinet, alto/tenor saxophone, trumpet,
French horn, euphonium trombone, or tuba, with auditions for oboe, bass clarinet,
baritone saxophone, and percussion occurring in late December. Students will learn
to play their instruments, read musical notation and develop their aural skills.
Different styles of music will be explored and performances in a variety of band
settings will be available.

FRENCH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE: This course concentrates on a basic
understanding of the French language. Students learn basic grammar as well as
specific vocabulary themes throughout the year. Listening comprehension,
speaking, reading and writing are stressed as well.

ART: The goal for this course is to make you a better artist. Whether you are an
advanced student or a complete beginner, every artist can learn something new!

SPORTS PERFORMANCE: The aim of Sports Performance is to provide studentsmore time to work on their personal fitness and skill with regards to different sports. Both team and individual games will be played as well as working on their fitness through a variety of different workouts. Students who enjoy Physical Education will love Recreation Fitness.

DRAMA: This class encompasses many of the facets of dramatic art: movement,
voice, improvisation and so on. The overall goal of drama is to foster an awareness
of yourself – physically, emotionally, socially, creatively, and spiritually.

FASHION STUDIES: Knowledge of Sewing Machine technology and fabric
preparation will be applied to hand and machine-sewn projects.

WOODSHOP (INDUSTRIAL ARTS): This course begins with a strong safety emphasis and with a tool recognition unit. The students will learn how to use hand tools and four of the
power tools (scroll saw, band saw, drill press and sander).


MEDICAL SCIENCE: Students will complete modules about health services, body
systems including digestive and cardiovascular and a module on infection and
immunity. This course is intended for students who are interested in the health
service or medical field.


RESOURCE ROOM: Struggling with a particular subject? Behind in your classes? Want some time to complete your homework? Resource room is the elective for you! In the Resource Room Elective, students can receive extra help with concepts they may be struggling with in their classes. Some students take resource room as a study period or an opportunity to make sure they never have homework!

COSMETOLOGY: Students taking this course will get basic knowledge in giving
manicures, pedicures, braiding hair and coloring/cutting hair. Also aspects of skin
care, facial treatments, cosmetic make-up services, and hair removal are covered.

PHOTOGRAPHY: This course provides a series of experiences using advanced
equipment, camera techniques, as well as mounting and presentation techniques.

ROBOTICS: Students will build LEGO robots and have their robots compete with
their classmates' robots. Programming and building skills will be developed.

STOP MOTION ANIMATION: Students will learn about stop motion and create their own stop motion animation film. 

  • Stop Motion: animated filmmaking technique in which objects are physically manipulated in small increments between individually photographed frames so that they will appear to exhibit independent motion or change when the series of frames is played back


FORENSICS: Students will learn about the various types of forensic sciences that are used in criminology and will try their hand at solving their very own case!

GLEE: Glee is offered in Grades 7-9 for students who love to sing! There is lots of
flexibility for students to sing in groups with one another, or challenge themselves
to sing alone. There are weekly in-class performances, as well as public
performance opportunities such as Open Mic Nights, concerts, assemblies, and
performances in the community. Students can stay in Glee for more than one term
in the school year if they wish!

IMPROV: Improvisation is a fun and effective way for students to learn how to
listen, interpret body language cues, take stress and ‘butterflies’ and turn it into
excitement, and learn how to be flexible when the unexpected happens. You do not
need to be an actor to take this class. Just be ready to say ‘Yes’ and have some fun!


FOLKLORE STUDIES: Do you believe in the impossible? In Cryptozoology and Folklore, we will research some of the most famous cryptids (BigFoot, Mothman, El Chupecabra, the Ogopogo lake monster, Wendigo ) as well as explore what unique qualities of these monsters’ regional lands allowed such legends to spring up in the folklore of the region’s peoples. There will be a focus on student research, viewing investigations & documentaries, listening to podcasts, all culminating in a final report on why your chosen cryptid is or isn’t possible. If you have a hankering for the supernatural and a passion for research, this is the elective for you!   

YOGA: Come learn yoga in an accepting and relaxed environment. This class is
suitable for students at all levels and is geared towards improving the self rather
than competing with others. We start with the basics and then explore a variety of
styles of yoga like: flow, deep stretching, partner yoga, and restorative yoga. You’ll
learn techniques that will help you achieve calm, improve your sleep, and gain
strength and flexibility. Mats, cushions, and all other props are provided, just bring
your positive attitude!


HOME ECONOMICS: Home Economics or "Home Ec"promises to equip you with essential life skills to navigate both the world at large and the dynamics within your family unit. In this empowering course, you will delve into a diverse range of topics aimed at fostering your independence and self-reliance. From mastering the art of budgeting and smart grocery shopping to unraveling the intricacies of travel planning and crafting impeccable job applications, you will embark on a transformative journey that arms you with the practical knowledge needed to confidently tackle real-world challenges. Get ready to unlock the secrets of adulthood and emerge as a capable and self-assured individual, prepared to take on the complexities of life beyond the classroom.

OUTDOOR EDUCATION: This course gives students the opportunity to learn
about the great outdoors. Whether finding a route with a map and compass,
exploring the trails around the school or trying to do some bicycle maintenance to
keep your wheels turning, students will be given many opportunities to be active
outside the classroom!

FITNESS: Students are given the opportunity to be physically active both inside
and outside the school. Each class begins with a stretching routine followed by
exercises to get your body moving. Weight training as well as various sports are
some common themes for this class. No pain, no gain is the motto!

GUITAR: Students of all abilities are invited to join Guitar class! We have plenty
of guitars for students to use during class time, or you are welcome to bring your
own! Students will learn strumming patterns and chords, and are free to learn their
favourite songs and work in their preferred genre of music.


CONSUMERISM: Students will learn about the effects of Consumerism on sustainable development, personal consumption rates and patterns, impacts throughout the life cycle of a personal consumer products, methods of reducing personal consumption rates, and upcycling

Other Electives that have been offered include:

  • E-Sports
  • Mindfulness
  • Film Studies
  • Leadership
  • Debate
  • Driver's Ed
  • Strategic Gaming
  • Music Production
  • Creative Writing

School Notice

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The Junior and Senior High Exam Schedule will be released after Spring Break—Monday, April 22nd, 2024!
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