Staff Directory


Photo of Mark Dolmont

Dr. Mark Dolmont


Phone: 780-790-1100

Photo of David Hurley

Mr. David Hurley

Vice Principal/PEAK Academy Director

Phone: 780-790-1100

Photo of Amy Lyn MacDonald

Ms. Amy Lyn MacDonald

Vice Principal

Phone: 780-790-1100

Photo of Daniel Baseley

Mr. Daniel Baseley

Vice Principal

Phone: 780-790-1100

Administrative Assistants

Photo of Kimberly Blake

Kimberly Blake

Finance Secretary

Photo of Krista Butz

Krista Butz

PEAK Admin Support

Photo of Sherri-Lynn Cassell

Sherri-Lynn Cassell


Phone: 780-790-1100

Photo of Tanya Gregory

Tanya Gregory

Student Services Administrative Assistant

Photo of Marilyn Ryan

Marilyn Ryan

Head Secretary

Phone: 780-790-1100

Photo of Natalie Scott

Natalie Scott


Photo of Jennifer Toutant

Jennifer Toutant


Photo of Trena Weatherby

Trena Weatherby

Student Services Secretary

Phone: 780-790-1100

Support Staff

Photo of Dana Whelen

Dana Whelen


Phone: 780-790-1100


Photo of Jennifer Pope

Jennifer Pope


Photo of Kristel Rensmaag

Kristel Rensmaag

Phone: 780-790-1100

Photo of Tracy Walsh

Tracy Walsh

Mental Health Therapist

Teachers - Junior High

Photo of Mary Rose Antonio

Mary Rose Antonio

English Language Arts & Social Studies

Photo of Staci Bailey

Staci Bailey

JH Social Studies

Photo of Kimberly Bishop

Kimberly Bishop

Science & Math

Photo of Ashley Brockway

Ashley Brockway

JH/SH Band, Music

Phone: 780-790-1100

Photo of Christina Buhler

Christina Buhler

French Language Arts & Études Sociales

Photo of Jack Costello

Jack Costello

7Q Homeroom Teacher

placeholder image for Sheldon Dahl

Sheldon Dahl

Social Studies

Photo of Jenna Ferns

Jenna Ferns

7R Homeroom Teacher/Phys. Ed.

Photo of Kelly Haldane

Kelly Haldane

Social Studies, English Language Arts, Science, E-cademy Math

Photo of Sobhi Hamed

Sobhi Hamed

Science, Finance, E-cademy Science

Photo of Darcy Lewis

Darcy Lewis

JH Core Subjects

Photo of Brittany Loder

Brittany Loder

JH/SH Foods & Industrial Arts

Phone: 780-743-1100

Photo of Meghan MacMaster

Meghan MacMaster


Photo of Rania Mahdi

Rania Mahdi

9R Homeroome & Electives

Photo of Alisha McDonald

Alisha McDonald


Photo of Stephanie McFarland

Stephanie McFarland

English Lanuage Arts & Yoga

Phone: 780-790-1100

Photo of Courtney Munn

Courtney Munn

Math & Science

placeholder image for Joanne Murphy

Joanne Murphy

Photo of Uche Okereafor

Uche Okereafor

Math & Science

Photo of Christina Oxamitny

Christina Oxamitny

JH Math & Science

Photo of Marisa Pipke

Marisa Pipke

Social Studies, English Language Arts, Health, & Ecademy Social Studies

Photo of Greg Pollard

Greg Pollard

Physical Education & Guitar

Phone: 780-790-1100

placeholder image for Sheri Reed

Sheri Reed

Math & Science

Phone: 780-790-1100

Photo of Elizabeth Rex

Elizabeth Rex

Social Studies

Phone: 780-790-1100 ext. 1102

Photo of Amy Riley

Amy Riley

Physical Education & Sports Performance

Phone: 780-790-1100

Photo of Nanga Soro

Nanga Soro

Mathématique & Science

Phone: 780-790-1100, ext. 1130

Photo of Kevin Staples

Kevin Staples


Phone: 780-790-1100

Photo of Bryann Starner

Bryann Starner

Physical Education

Photo of Melissa Walker

Melissa Walker

English Language Arts

placeholder image for Jonathan Wong

Jonathan Wong

Teachers - High School

Photo of Lucas Clarke

Lucas Clarke

SH Social Studies

Photo of Kaitlynn Gadzala

Kaitlynn Gadzala

Social Studies

Photo of Nadine Gurtner

Nadine Gurtner

SH French Language Arts, JH Études Sociales

Phone: 780-790-1100

Photo of Hélène Hopkins

Hélène Hopkins

JH/SH Mathématiques & Science

Photo of Steven Hulan

Steven Hulan

Phys. Ed.

Photo of Bailey Kwiatkowski

Bailey Kwiatkowski


Photo of Shawn Li

Shawn Li

Chemistry, Medical Science, HS Science

Photo of Shannon Marissen

Shannon Marissen

Foods Teacher

Phone: 780-790-1100

Photo of Amanda McCulloch

Amanda McCulloch

Math & Calculus

Phone: 780-790-1100

Photo of Hilary Morgan

Hilary Morgan

High School English and Social Studies

Photo of Denise Parsons

Denise Parsons

Cosmetology, Sports Performance, CALM

Phone: 780-790-1100

Photo of Peter Peraino

Peter Peraino

JH/SH Phys. Ed. & Athletic Director

Photo of Sara Smith

Sara Smith


Phone: 780-790-1100

Photo of Alexa Thorne

Alexa Thorne

JH/SH English

Phone: 780-790-1100

Photo of Katherine Vladicka

Katherine Vladicka

Math & Science

Phone: 780-790-1100

Photo of Thomas Wickens

Thomas Wickens

Biology & Physics

Student Services

Photo of Laura MacEachen

Laura MacEachen

RAP and Career Counsellor

Photo of Sage Mitchell

Sage Mitchell

Indigenous Student Services Cultural Teacher

Photo of Andrea Organ

Andrea Organ

Grades 7-9 Learning Assistance Coordinator

Phone: 780-790-1100

Photo of Samantha Stone

Samantha Stone

High School Learning Assistance Coordinator

Phone: 780-790-1100 Ext 1630

Educational Assistants

Photo of Abaa Al-erbawy

Abaa Al-erbawy

Photo of Wanda Anderson

Wanda Anderson

Photo of Eve Arsenault

Eve Arsenault

Photo of Christie Bingham

Christie Bingham

Educational Assistant

Photo of Lisa Cann

Lisa Cann

Photo of Daisy Coles

Daisy Coles

placeholder image for Narina Delaney

Narina Delaney

Photo of Trudi Gillis

Trudi Gillis

Educational Assistant

Photo of Amanda Hoddinott

Amanda Hoddinott

Photo of Julie Imbeault

Julie Imbeault

French Resource/Support

Photo of Sharon Kelly

Sharon Kelly

placeholder image for Novelyn Masegman

Novelyn Masegman

Photo of Melissa Reid

Melissa Reid

Photo of Jenna Snowdon

Jenna Snowdon

Photo of Wendy Torraville

Wendy Torraville