Work Experience

Work Experience is an opportunity to earn to earn high school credits while working in a part time job or volunteering.


  • Students can earn one credit for every 25 hours worked. Students must log a minimum of 75 hours (3 credits) in order to earn credits.
  • Students can earn up to 10 credits at each grade level for a total of 30.
  • Up to 15 Work Experience credits can be used to meet the graduation requirement of 100 credits.
  • In order to earn credits students must have HCS 3000, complete the Work Experience Package and return it to the Mr. Andrews.
  • As a way to track a student’s working hours they will need to bring in a document stating the hours worked. This can be in the form of a letter or monthly calendar signed by the employer. Paystubs can also be used as well as an email from the employer.
  • Volunteer hours can be used in conjunction with work experience hours or on their own. Students can print off the appropriate form on pick one up from Mr. Andrews. If you know you are going to be volunteering at an event please bring the form with you so that your supervisor can evaluate you.
  • Volunteer opportunities are posted in the Atrium.
  • Work Experience hours can only be passed in during school year in which the student completed the work. September 1st-June 15th is considered one school year and June 15th-August 31st are the approximate school years.

Mrs. MacEachen has the Work Experience forms - please see her for more info!

School Notice

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